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New intermittent fasting diet not best way to achieve long-term weight loss

Have you heard of intermittent fasting? Supposedly it may be the newest diet trend starting to emerge. Wow, that was fast, didn’t we just get through the “Wheat Belly” fad? I was asked to do an interview for CBC radio … Continue reading

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Junk food is the new normal. What’s a parent to do? (Globe and Mail)

“According to Statistics Canada, children aged 1 to 13 get more than 25 per cent of their daily calories from sugar – more than any other age group” Here is a link to an article in the Globe and Mail … Continue reading

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My Little One Helping Make Bread

This is my little one learning how to make whole grain bread. I made 2 loaves…one for her to play with and one that I planned on keeping. I wasn’t too sure how gentle she would be and didn’t want … Continue reading

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Nutrition Month: TIP 23: Spend a little more time in the produce section to add colour and crunch to your cart.

The greater the variety of vegetables and fruit you have at home, the more you’ll eat, especially if you put them where you can see them! Vegetables and fruit are filled with vitamins, minerals and fibre. A diet rich in … Continue reading

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Nutrition Month TIP 14: Looking to save cash and calories? Easy money-saving strategies can help you do both!

Strategies that save you money can also help keep your calorie consumption on track. Try these simple tips next time you’re at the grocery store: • Pay with cash, not plastic. You’ll have to stick to your budget if you … Continue reading

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It’s never too early to start showing your little ones how to cook!

As a dietitian, I have always felt that it is imperative to be able to know how to cook, and to explain/show others how to made delicious meals…mostly because the skill of cooking is being lost and being replaced with … Continue reading

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NYC large size soda ban starts tomorrow…what are your thoughts on this ban, and its potential for reducing obesity?

Here are some articles on the web discussing the new large soda ban that starts tomorrow. What do you think?

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