Nutrigenomix Launch

Nutrigenomix, Genetic Test kit


Nutrigenomix – Eat according to your genes

A Little Nutrition is pleased to start offering personalized nutrition through genetic testing, developed by leading researchers in the field of nutrigenomics.

Imagine knowing what foods and nutrients your body needs more of – or less of to prevent a chronic disease… (heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and related health conditions).  Now you can!  The Nutrigenomix test kit is simple, as it only requires a small saliva sample. Once your saliva is analyzed, it will reveal how your unique genetic code determines your body’s response to 7 nutrients that are essential to managing optimal health and preventing your risk of chronic disease.

Your unique DNA results will be explained to you by Registered Dietitian, Susan Watson, BHNSc. along with diet recommendations you can implement to improve your health.

PRICE: $349 – This includes: one 15 min. appointment with Susan to collect a sample and answer any initial questions, one 45 min. follow-up appointment to review and explain your genetic results and provide diet recommendations. You will be provided with a Personalized Nutrition Report, which is a 40-page booklet of your unique genetic profile analysis (report take 2-4 weeks to be prepared and delivered).

If you are interested in booking an appointment, please send me an email:



About alittlenutrition

Susan is passionate about teaching others how to achieve optimal health and wellness by taking the confusion out of nutrition and promoting fun ways to stay active. Susan has been a certified fitness instructor for over 8 years and enjoys teaching yoga, pilates, and fitball classes at Elite Fitness and Dance. However, her main interest in nutrition has led her in the direction of becoming a registered dietitian. Susan completed her undergrad in Human Nutritional Science at the University of Manitoba and has recently completed her dietetic internship with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Currently she is now combining her fitness skills with her nutrition knowledge and offering comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle coaching. Prior to becoming a dietitian, Susan worked as a sales executive for a variety of paint manufactures for over 10 years. She created innovative sales initiatives and marketing programs for corporate and independent retails stores. Now with her knowledge of nutrition and her business experience, she helps restaurants and food service operations create healthier meals options for their customers. Susan is highly involved in community health promotion, as she has been appointed to sit on the Recreation and Wellness Commission of Niverville and the Chair person for the South Eastman RHA District Health Advisory Council Western division. She is the co-founder of former the Niverville Active Living and she has put on many community health promotion activities such as: * Lose It For Life - Weight loss / Lifestyle Transformation program * Family Fitness Month…Win A Will Contest * Niverville Fair ~ Smoothie Booth * Community Cholesterol Reduction Challenge * Cooking On A Budget * Couch Potato Race She is a member of the College of Dietitians of Manitoba, Dietitians of Canada, Manitoba Fitness Council and the Canadian Obesity Network. In her spare time, Susan enjoys cooking for her family, gardening, photography and being physically active outdoors with her husband and friends.
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